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Forex is a trading platform where money is traded. The asset here is a currency pair, where one monetary unit is bought or sold against another. Forex trader speculates on the price movement of the selected pair for profit. In order not to miss the trade opening/closing time and choose a highly liquid asset, users analyze and choose the strategy to be followed. In this way, they reduce the risks, as reckless trading will result in a total loss of the deposit.



At a certain stage of its development, the company issues shares to attract investors. Shareholders buy shares and become shareholders, receiving a stake in the corporation and regular dividend payments. Each investor chooses according to which scheme to operate, whether to hold shares for a long time, to receive insignificant earnings on fluctuations instantly or to trade the asset price itself. We offer CFD contracts that allow you to work with the tool price rather than the underlying asset itself.



Many traders choose indices because they are less exposed to risks. This is because the index consists of a basket of the most liquid stocks of a particular sector or country. When the quotes of one stock change, it does not affect the index price too much, as its value is determined by the average sum of all assets that it includes. The index is not a physical product, so it can only be traded through CFDs, which open up a lot of opportunities for successful and profitable trades.



Commodities are highly liquid popular assets as they are essential in all industries. Due to high demand and supply you can easily buy and sell such commodities as oil, gas, gold, copper and soybeans. However, before you start trading, you should carry out a thorough analysis and study the tool itself, because there are plenty of factors that can affect the price of raw materials: natural disasters, relations between countries, events in the state and others.